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    Why Pyrolysis is the Best Recycling Plastic into Fuel Oil Plant

    Most plastic products have their shelf life or are discarded after use. Such plastic usually ends up in landfills, where it takes as much as a thousand years to decompose, and during this while, leak pollutants into water and soil. The solution is to recycle such plastic instead of allowing it go to the landfill.

    Technology to recycle plastic waste has been around for long but did not become popular as it was inefficient and even polluting. The legacy method involves burning plastic, which generates high total hydrocarbon emissions. The process also leaves a high residue and delivers low-value products, with impurities and damaging contaminants.

    Waste Plastic into Fuel Oil Machine

    Of late, pyrolysis is widely used in recycling plastic to oil conversion plant. The process recycles plastic effectively, in an environmentally friendly way, to generate products of high economic value. It does away with the drawbacks of the legacy methods.

    Pyrolysis converts waste plastic into clean low sulphur fuel. The process is simple, involving heating the plastic moderately, without oxygen, to break down the long-chain hydrocarbons of plastic into short-chain hydrocarbon gases and oil. It requires no catalyst and is pollution free.

    continuous pyrolysis equipment
    Continuous Pyrolysis Equipment

    The waste plastic to fuel oil machine can turn unsorted and unwashed waste plastics into fuel oil, carbon black, and combustible gas. The fuel oil from plastic waste can be used as fuel in iron and steel industries, boiler factories, chemical industries, hotels and restaurants, and other places. It even finds uses in generators. When it is further refined into diesel, it produces less smoke and less noise compared to regular diesel fuel. The carbon black recycled plastic finds good use in making construction bricks, and also as fuel. The process may also generate some scrap steel wires, which have high commercial value. The combustible gasses residue from the recycling plastic into fuel oil plant may be recycled further to heat the reactor, saving energy for the pyrolysis process itself.

    Ever since the pyrolysis technology was discovered in the 1990s, considerable effort has gone into developing and refine it further as a safe, efficient, and cost-effective process to recycle plastic.

    Present day recycling plastic into oil plants are very efficient. The output yields depend on the plastic material and the water percentage. ABS has a yield of about 70 percent, and waste tyres, in fact, are recycled 100 percent, with no material left over after the process.

    Pyrolysis is now gaining popularity as most accepted way to recycle plastic, and in the process save the environment. More detailed information about the plastic pyrolysis recycling can be found on this website http://plasticpyrolysisplants.com.

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