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    The Differences Between Double Girder Gantry Crane And Single Girder Gantry Cranes Used Today

    When you are installing a gantry crane at your worksite, you have a couple different options. The first, and most common, is to install a single girder gantry crane. The other option is a double girder gantry crane. There are only a couple of differences between the two, and they operate in a very similar manner. It just depends on the type of industry you are in, how much weight you have to lift, and how far it needs to be moved. Let’s go over the construction of gantry cranes and then look at the differences between those that have one or two girders up above http://gantrycranemanufacturer.com/double-girder-gantry-crane-for-sale/.


    An Overview Of The Construction Of Gantry Cranes

    When you are constructing these gantry cranes, you will see how simplistic they actually are despite how much they are able to do. First of all, there are the upright supporting legs which are either built into the ground for support, or they can utilize the existing structure of a warehouse using the beams that support the structure and the roof. Up top you will have either one or two girders that will be supported on runway girders, each with an end truck. This will allow the operator to successfully move the girder along the runway girder on either side which is what is connected to the supporting beams.

    How Do They Lift Weight?

    A single girder gantry crane has one girder up top which is able to move back and forth along the runway girders so that merchandise can be moved from one place to another. It will have a trolley hoist which is connected to the top girder which is moving. This is how things are lifted up and down. It is typically only connected to the one girder, but when there are two that are used, this is going to create a different scenario which is actually more beneficial when working in areas where enormous amounts of weight must be moved on a regular basis.

    Single And Double Girder Gantry Cranes – The Differences

    The only difference between these two in regard to construction is that there are two overhead girders on a double girder gantry crane instead of one. The reason for using to is that double girder crane provides extra support, and when working together, they can utilize a much more powerful hoist that can lift merchandise that is extremely heavy. People that install double girder gantry cranes are able to not only lift more weight, but they will have the ability to go much faster. These are typically designed for speed and handling excessive amounts of weight of merchandise that is packaged and sold every day.

    As you can see, there is not that much of the difference between a single girder gantry crane and a double girder gantry crane with the exception of its power. This one additional overhead being provides the additional support that is necessary to handle heavier loads, making them much more useful for larger operations. It is possible that you could use a single girder gantry crane at multiple locations, yet this would defeat the purpose of actually lifting more weight. You can decide which one will work best for you by finding out what the maximum loads will be, calculating that weight, and then making your decision on getting one with one or two girders. For other types of gantry cranes, just visit http://www.gantrycranemanufacturer.com/.

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