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    Recycling Waste Mud into Diesel or Gasoline

    In every major undertaking that includes drilling, mud is essential. It stabilises the bore, controls the pressure under the surface, lubricates the drill, and has several other purposes. But once it has been used, mud needs to be disposed of. If it is water-based, like the muds produced by shallow wells, the mud can usually be discarded. But when it is oil- based, like the muds used in deep wells, it is frequently a problem.

    Both oil-based and synthetic-based muds can be harmful to the environment. They can contain solids and heavy metals that destroy nature and poison the soil. They should be recycled whenever possible, and not only to save the environment, but also to make a profit.

    In fact, if done correctly and professionally, recycling creates useful products such as diesel or gasoline. For all these reasons, every drilling company should have a waste plan that includes mud recycling.

    To recycle mud, you need a drilling mud recycling system that is managed by someone experienced and dependable. Beston offers such a system: waste pyrolysis plant.

    drilling mud recycling system
    Drilling mud recycling system in Nigeria

    Beston oil sludge pyrolysis plant uses state-of-the-art technology to transform oil-based mud into fuel oil. There is a twofold advantage: you get rid of harmful waste, and you obtain useful and profitable materials.

    Different clients need different solutions. Our team of highly skilled professionals can devise a process that is adapted to your requirements. Whatever you need, you will obtain a drilling waste mud recycling system that consists of long-lasting machinery with the best price-to-quality ratio and green technology.

    In general, you can choose between three types of Beston pyrolysis plants: batch, half-automatic, and fully automatic pyrolysis plant. Check out the table outlining the features of each type. Since the system includes special machines that process exhaust gas and waste water, there is no resulting pollution.

    pyrolysis plant for sale
    Pyrolysis plant for sale

    We stand by the motto “safety first”. With an automatic warning device and a pressure gauge, our pyrolysis plant for sale is extremely safe to use.

    It should be noted that the drilling waste mud recycling system is just one item in our wide offer. Our  plants can also process waste tyres, waste plastic, waste rubber and medical waste.

    What is more, our green and profitable oil distillation plant provides benefits that you will not see elsewhere, such as 30% saves on fuel consumption or 5% greater oil output. These plants can be used to further process the oil that was refined by pyrolysis or to directly process all kinds of waste oil. Our raw material recovery ratio is 90%, or even higher for low water content.

    The reactors can be heated by whatever fuel suits you best, from coal and wood to fuel oil, natural gas or electricity. Dedusting systems will even process the smoke. Exhaust gases are turned into steam, creating no damage to the environment.

    With years of experience, Beston provides a drilling waste mud recycling system http://bestonpyrolysisplant.com/drilling-waste-mud-recycling-system/ that is both safe and environment-friendly. If you need to refine oil into diesel, we are the most cost- effective solution in China. Recycling is what we do best. You can rely on us.

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