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    Important Information to Know About Kraft Paper Making Machine

    Paper is still a favorite material not only for printing but also for packaging, for use in diapers and towels. Due to its durability and strength, Kraft paper is commonly used for packaging. It also has a high tear resistance and high elasticity. Here is a closer look at what it is and how it is made by kraft paper machine.

    What exactly is kraft paper?

    Craft paper is a smooth and strong brown wrapping paper. It is produced from the chemical pulp that is produced through kraft process.


    How is craft paper made?

    Kraft paper is made through a kraft process also known as sulfate process or Kraft pulping. This process involves converting wood into wood pulp that consist of cellulose fibers, the main component of paper. As paper mill machinery manufacturer, we can make the high quality kraft paper making machine for manufacturing kraft paper.

    During the Kraft process, the wood chips are first treated with a hot mixture of sodium sulfide, sodium hydroxide and water to break down the bonds linking cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin. This technology involves both chemical and mechanical steps.

    If the right craft making machine is not used, smelly products can be released during the kraft process as well as substantial liquid waste that are harzadous to the environment.

    The paper machine dryer section is used to dry wet paper.

    Kraft paper making machine

    Initially, Kraft papers were made by hand but today, they can be churned out efficiently and quickly using gigantic kraft paper making machines.

    The pulp is prepared using the machines which cut, wash, chop, beat then blend the wood, rags and other raw materials into a damp mass of fiber. The materials are then boiled in strong alkalis such as sodium hydroxide or sodium sulfide to produce the fibers. At this point, loading materials such as dyes are added to change the physical properties of the finished product.

    The soggy pulp then enters the fourdrinier machine through the headbox where it is spread over a moving wire mesh belt. The belt is blown, sucked and shaken to remove the water from the fibers before texture, watermark or any other finish of choice is pressed into it by a roller known as dandy roll.

    The paper is then dried further and looped into series of rollers before it is finally pressed by steel rollers known as calenders. The paper dryness if almost 100 per cent. The final product comes out as very large rolls or sheets.

    The paper winding machine is strategically installed at the end of the machine and it works with a paper reel stack rack that stores the paper reel and transport them to the unreeling stand.

    Wide application of Kraft paper making machine

    Kraft paper making machines are not only limited to making craft papers. They can be used to produce a wide variety of papers which include:

    · Papers to make paper bags

    · Sack kraft paper

    · Test liner

    · Fluting paper

    The machines are designed according to the client’s requirements so as to produce the desired thickness and final product. The cylinder mould paper making machine for sale is a common type of paper making machines.

    Kraft paper making machines use a wide variety of raw materials which is decided depending on the quality of paper intended to be produced.

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