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    Important Information about the Waste Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Cost

    Tyre pyrolysis or plastic pyrolysis is the process that converts wasted plastic and tyres into industrial fules, such as hydrocarbon gas, carbon black and pyrolysis oil.

    The actual tyre pyrolysis will take place in the pyrolysis reactor, which must have the following conditions present to actually work:

    • Absence of all oxygen.

    • Temperature that exceeds 370 degrees Celsius.

    • Agitation that will accelerate the exchange of heat.

    In the actual pyrolysis process, the polymer waste will not be burned, rather it will be broken down into a usable finished product that is highly valuable to a number of industries. When it comes to waste tyre pyrolysis plant cost, the answer is based on the scale of the plant and the amount produced each day.

    waste tyre pyrolysis plant supplierThe plant machinery that is required for this process and that will ultimately determine the scrap tyre pyrolysis plant cost include:

    • A shredding and conveying system for tires

    • An airlock feeding system

    • The tire pyrolysis reactor

    • A carbon bagging system

    • A cooling system and carbon airlock removal system

    • Condensers for gas and oil separation

    • Pyrolysis reuse and gas storage system

    • A heating and energy recovery system

    • Oil storage tank

    • Automation control panels

    The material used will ultimately determine the type of fuel that is produced by the process. The three main types of plastic waste that are used for the creation of these different fuels include waste mixed plastic scrap, nylon scrap tyres and radial scrap tyres with wires removed. Other plastic raw materials that are used for the waste tyre pyrolysis process include: http://pyrolysis-plastic.com/.

    • Electronic scraps

    • Waste plastic

    • Mixed plastic such as FRP, ABS, Teflon, Nylon, PS, PP, PE, LDPE and HDPE among others

    • Mixed waste from a waste paper mill or plastic

    • Waste tyres

    • Multi layered plastic

    • Waste engine oils

    • Rubber or plastic parts from vehicles

    • Rubber When it comes to the management of plastic and tire waste, pyrolysis is a much better alternative to dumping or incineration.

    Incineration, which is burning, is a waste that will lead to the loss of the valuable energy that could be produced by the polymer waste. When the polymer waste is eliminated with pyrolysis, it will be possible to recover a significant amount of value from the waste in the form of charcoal, hydrocarbon gas and pyrolysis oil.

    The waste tire pyrolysis machine cost will be dependent on the machines that are needed and the fuel that is going to be produced. Taking the time to set goals in the beginning will help ensure that the cost is not excessive for the project.

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