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    Giant Ferris Wheel – A Landmark For Amusement Parks And Large Cities

    One of the best things about an amusement park, carnival or state fair is the ability to ride on a giant Ferris Wheel. It is one of those rides that does not go very fast, but it is a fan favorite. The primary draw is how high these carnival rides can go, and new ones are made every couple years. Just like skyscrapers, where different countries try to outdo the other one in terms of height, the same is true for those that construct Ferris Wheels. There are quite a few in the world today, numbering in the thousands, but only a few truly make the top 10 as far as overall beauty, and of course reaching outrageous heights. Let’s look at a few of them, primarily the ones that get the most press, and show you exactly why they are so popular.

    The Allure Of Giant Ferris wheels

    In the same way that roller coasters are popular based upon how thrilling they are, Ferris Wheels are all about the height. This is particularly true when they are positioned at certain locations where they can give you a phenomenal view. It’s not just about how high they go, although this is one of the most intriguing factors. It is also where they are located that prompts people to journey from all over the world just to get a ride. Therefore, the reason that people are so highly attracted to the is not only how high they are, but the scenic view that comes along with these fun large ferris wheel rides.

    Amusement Park Ferris Wheel Ride

    Top 5 Giant Ferris Wheels

    Coming in at number 5 is the Orlando Eye, a Ferris wheel that is located in Orlando Florida. It is one of five that has reached the 400 foot mark, and is an observation Ferris wheel where people can stand up inside. Number 4 is the famous London Eye, situated right on the Thames River. It is also called the millennium wheel, created in 1999, coming in at 443 feet. Number 3 is the Star of Nanchang, located in Nanchang China. It was the first to cross the 500 foot barrier, coming in at 525 feet. Number 2 is the Singapore Flyer, a Ferris Wheel that opened for business in 2008. It has 28 capsules where people can sit, fully air-conditioned, and each one of them can hold 28 people. Finally, at the very top of the list is the High Roller located in Las Vegas Nevada. It was completed in 2014, standing 550 feet tall, and is the tallest Ferris Wheel in the world.

    Why Are These Landmarks?

    In a strange way, Ferris Wheels in Beston Rides Manufacturer have become iconic parts of the city in which they are contained. For example, when people went to London, they used to go see Big Ben or Buckingham palace, but for many people, the London Eye is the main attraction. Although it is doubtful that this Ferris Wheel in Las Vegas will in any way become an iconic part of this city, it is still an attraction that people will definitely want to ride on, in the midst of the reason that most people go which is to experience one of the most incredible cities ever created.

    Now that you have a little insight on how tall a giant Ferris Wheel can be, and why they are sometimes considered a landmark of the city in which they operate, it is clear that they definitely have their place. Whether you are interested only in riding Ferris Wheels, or you actually want to travel to the city in which it is in, they are always going to provide you with a great view of the surrounding landscape. More information about the large ferris wheel rides can be found at http://bestonferriswheel.com/giant-ferris-wheel-for-sale/.

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