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    How Does The Aerotrim Gyroscope Ride Work?

    When the Aerotrim human gyroscope first came out in the 1980s, it was extremely popular. It was regarded as one of the most innovative products ever created. People actually purchased these and would use them at home in order to get their exercise. It actually does take quite a bit of effort if it is manually operated, not only to get it to move, but to maintain your balance. The more balanced that you are, the faster you can get this machine to do its job. Best of all, once it gets going, you will have the ride of your life, and this is also true for those used at amusement parks. Let’s go over what the Aerotrim gyroscope ride was, how it worked, and how you can find some of the ones that are still available today.

    back to back 6 seat human gyro

    Aerotrim Gyroscope Overview

    This human sized gyroscope can be many different things. It can help people get into shape. It can also be an attraction that your amusement park that people will simply want to see. Gyroscopic devices with 2 seats are typically installed in equipment where maintaining balance is necessary such as with rockets, drones, and other aerial craft that are built and used every day. It was originally made for cardiovascular purposes, and for pilots, it was perfect for helping them to find their center of balance. Even during the 1980s, these were used in gyms nationwide, and they are still something popular, especially since they are not manufactured in mass quantity anymore.

    face to face spaceball human gyro ride

    How Do They Work?

    They work under a very simple premise. You are strapped to the middle of the gyroscope which is essentially the middle ring. There are two outer rings which will rotate around you, and depending upon which direction you lean, or the way that you balance your weight is going to move in different directions. Today, if you are able to get one that is fully automated, you simply sit back and enjoy what happens. They are programmed to do different things, and those that can accommodate three or four people, are fun for those that have friends or a small family. It is probably not recommended for extremely small children as they will not be able to fully utilize the safety harness, nor would it be good for them if it is their first carnival ride. If you want to find one for your carnival, you can do so by contacting people that purchased them used, or you may even find them for sale from upstart companies that offer cloned versions of the Aerotrim which is still popular right now.

    Whether you decide to get the original Aerotrim through HumanGyroscopeRides.com/amusement-park-aerotrim-gyroscope-for-sale/, or the latest version called the GyroGym, it’s going to provide you with the same type of functionality. Gyroscopes have so many purposes, but for amusement parks and carnivals, it is simply a novelty that can bring in people that would not normally go to an amusement park just to see and use this unique machine like in the http://humangyroscoperides.com/-Beston.

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