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    The Specific Introduction And Understanding To Egg Carton Making Machine

    Paper egg carton making machine is one kind of the paper pulp moulding machines and is used to produce egg cartons. We have many models of the machines for sale, such as GLF-1-3, GLF-1-4, GLF-3-4, GLF-4-4, GLF-4-8, GLF-5-8, GLF-4-12. The egg carton making machine of our factory has easy operation, high productivity, low cost. It is mainly used for the products which have simple structure but in big quantity. With different molds, the egg carton machine can produce egg trays, egg carton, egg box, fruit trays, etc. The egg carton making machine adopts waste paper like old magazines,cardboard, paper cartons, the waste white side of paper, old books etc. as raw materials. These materials are very easy to get. We are the best one of egg carton machine manufacturers.

    2000pcs Egg Carton Making Machine

    The fuel of the whole egg tray machinery can be the coal, diesel and gas. The working system of the making machine of the egg tray carton includes pulping system, forming system and drying system. The raw materials pulping, mold forming, drying and packing are the egg carton manufacturing process. The design of the drying line is based on your actual area.

    The box egg tray making machine is quite welcomed by many customers and investors. Because you just need invest little while reciprocate more, the generous profit is waiting for you. What’s more, the material has wide range of sources. The main functionality of the molded pulp products is protection of packaging products, convenient and practical. The molded pulp product sales well. That is to say, the box egg tray making machine has a good market prospect. The apple tray making machines of our factory have prospective market.

    As a large enterprise which specialized in producing of various kinds of paper pulp molding products and equipments, we can produce all kinds of paper pulp molding products, such as egg tray, egg box, bottle tray, paper shoe stretcher, cans and milk box and so on. Our equipments have already been exported to more than 20 countries, such as Algeria, Egypt, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Syria etc and received good reputation for our high quality and reasonable price. The egg tray production lines price of our factory is reasonable. Therefore, we are your best choice to buy the egg carton machine. For more details,please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    We are the reliable manufacturer and supplier of the egg tray making machine. why not visit this website: http://eggtraymakingmachine.net/automatic-egg-tray-machine/. From this, you will get a surprise.

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